Many people cannot get the look they want for their beard, which is usually referred to as a man’s make-up. Are you one of those who are uncomfortable with the growth rate of their beard, those who are disturbed by irregular growths, and who are disturbed by the fact that they can never grow a beard? Have you heard of the Hair Dhi Turkey team before? Would you like to work with an operating team that will provide you with the best and most successful service in the process of the beard appearance you want? The beard has become one of the most popular needs in recent years. Hair Dhi Turkey continues to work to provide the best experience for you in terms of issues such as irregular growth in the face area, sparse growth, and thinness on the cheek. The discomfort in the beard for men is increasing day by day and they need hair transplant technology to achieve a better-looking beard. Hair Dhi Turkey meets people’s needs professionally with modern and the latest technology devices. You are on the right page to meet the needs for a full beard that is stylized like you dream of. You can get more information and get a free consultation by contacting the Hair Dhi Turkey operation teams. The beard trend is growing all over the world and in Turkey. As the interest of men in facial appearance increases day by day, the need for a beard is also growing. DHI technology used for hair transplant is also used in beard transplants. Doctor takes the donor from your hair and applies it to the area you want according to the density of your need in the beard area. In the beard transplant treatment, your hair type should be thin. If you do not have enough hair in the donor area or if you are bald, do not immediately doubt about beard transplant. We use all technologies in order to provide you with the best and desired look, and we continue to work with great care to provide you with the best experience. Hair Dhi Turkey operation team, which offers an innovative and modern service, performs their treatments with DHI beard transplant. Depending on the amount of hair required for the procedure to be performed in the face area, a beard transplant operation can take from two to ten hours. This duration may vary from patient to patient and according to need. Our specialist doctors carry out these difficult procedures requiring intensive skill and competence and complete the procedures with great care in order to achieve the best results. Compatibleness Between Face - Beard Transplant Treatment The maximum recovery period after a beard transplant is one year. At the end of There is a great need for your hair area for transplant treatments to be done on your facial area. Donor hair that needs to be removed from your nape area carries a large part of the procedures. In order to revitalize the hair follicles and allow them to grow, you need a small amount of hair in your head. If you still have doubts about face–hair transplant compatibility, you can find answers to your questions by creating a reservation on our website. In one year, the beards begin to sit in place and grow longer. In the first 10 days of the operation, newly planted hairs adapt, the treated area is crusted, and the crusts are shed. Total recovery is seen in a total of one year. Razor and razor shaving should not be done within a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 6 months after beard transplant in Istanbul. The person must be shaved with the machine. Things You Wonder About Beard Transplant First of all, the area you want to have a beard transplant is examined by the physician. Then a blood test is done to get to the source of the problem.Things

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