Hair Dhi Turkey is a hair transplant center that carries out hair, teeth, beard and eyebrow transplant in a hospital environment with its expert doctors and professional team under a doctor's supervision with its years of experience.

As one of the most successful hair transplant centers in Turkey, our prior concern is the health and safety of our patients in all of our operations. We achieve the most natural and successful results with our expert staff that have 10 years of experience in the field.

Although hair transplant is a simple procedure, it is progress that requires great responsibility and professionalism. Therefore, we carry out all of our operations in the most well-equipped hospital in Istanbul and a sterile environment.

The patient’s satisfaction and comfort are also some of the fundamental policies of Hair Dhi Turkey. We provide our patients services such as a commendation in the most luxurious hotels of Turkey, also special service with a friendly staff, and private interpreter support for our patients who come from abroad during this hair transplant journey.


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